for about the same price others charge for distributing a single press release

Leverage Authority News Releases To Quickly And Easily Achieve Next Level Income And Status

What if I Told You that You Could Increase Your Leads, Sales and Income, Improve Your Conversions on ALL of Your Marketing Materials, Become an Industry Leader and Influencer, Stop Chasing Clients and Have Them Chase You, Impress Your Family, Friends, Prospects and Clients, Differentiate Yourself from Your Competitors, Raise Your Prices and Take Your Business to the Next Level in About a Week and All You Have to do Is be Interviewed and Make a Few Status Updates?

Hi, I'm Bill Cassidy and I'm a former Computer Tech, Web Designer and SEO Specialist from Philly.

I've been helping businesses with their tech and online business needs for over 20 years. As I helped businesses "get a website, because they needed to be online", "do SEO, because they needed to be found" and every other task I helped them do, because they "needed" it; I've always had a feeling that there was a better way. 

Something you could do that would quickly, easily, permanently and directly increase your income and profits.

Then I discovered Press Releases. But not JUST press releases. I call them Authority News Releases.

Authority News Releases leverage strategic publishing, advanced positioning and smarter marketing to help business owners quickly and easily achieve next level income and status.

Some additional benefits include: improved conversions on all of your marketing material, you can stop chasing leads as they will chase you, better clients, gain influence in the marketplace, improved SEO and traffic and spark organic opportunities.

They work quickly, for every business and take very little time to implement.

Authority News Releases are the most effective method I've ever found for improving a business quickly.

So, I've made it my mission to share this "easy button" with as many business owners as possible...

If increased income and status (or any of the other benefits) interest you, here's how you can try one for your business at a crazy-low introductory price.

What Is an Authority News Release?

An Authority News Release is a special type of press release designed specifically to increase authority by using advanced positioning and smart marketing techniques

Most press releases use one simple type of press releases: an announcement. "Some Business Owner Announces" is pretty standard and have positive benefits, but they can be way more effective and beneficial when used correctly. 

In addition to Announcements, which again, certainly are important, we use Feel Good Stories, Celebrity Associations, Expert Hero Stories, and Influencer Prediction Stories.

Why An Authority News Release

If you want everything in your business to be easier, than this is the way. Benefits include:

  • Gain authority status, credibility and trust
  • Increase your income
  • Stop chasing prospects, leads and clients
  • Get better clients
  • Gain influence in the marketplace
  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors
  • Works fast and takes very little of your time or money to implement
  • Increase your traffic from improved SEO rankings
  • Often ignites organic opportunities
  • More...

We all want the benefits of next level income and status, right?

Authority News Release Special Offer

Here's how it works and what you'll get.

Once you order, you and I will collaborate to create our strategy, create a working title and complete an interview about how you help your clients. The interview is where I get the content for your news story.

When the interview is completed, I'll have it transcribed, write your news story and send it to you for your approval or any changes you may want.

Once you approve it, we distribute it to hundreds of outlets including ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX, major newspapers, radio stations and journalists.

During our strategy session we'll discuss the best way to leverage your newly created authority. It's really simple, but few know how to do it properly. You'll be one of the few...

What Does An Authority News Release Cost?

This strategy is amazing in every single way except it takes special skills to execute properly.

I'm thinking of putting together training to teach people how to do this effectively, but for now the only way to get this is right here. Actually, we are the only company offering this service for this price

There are a few people who offer a similar service to this but with a $1500.00 price tag. And, yes, it's probably worth it!

But, you wont have to pay close to that.

It's not $1000 or even $750, which would definitely be worth it.

We normally sell this service everyday for $650, but today we are offering this premium service for only $550 (one per customer).

If you are wondering why, it's to get you a taste of media exposure success knowing you'll want more. 

If you want next level income and status and all the benefits that go with it, here it is...

You get the strategy session, interview, transcription, news story, distribution and leverage and monetization strategy for ONLY $550.

Simply click the button below to get started.

Summary for Skimmers

For those of you who skim to the bottom like me, here's the deal:

I will interview and consult with you to create a news story that positions you as a hero, expert or industry authority, distribute it to major news outlets like ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox, newspapers and radio station outlets and journalists, then show you how to leverage and monetize your exposure for maximum benefit for only $550.

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