Leveraged Media & Smart Marketing Improve Status & Income

Michael Jordan is arguably the greatest basketball player of all time and not only changed basketball, but he leveraged media and smart marketing to change the way the business of basketball, and personal branding for everyone, is played. Leveraged Media

He played between 1984-2003. He scored over 32k points, good for 4th all time behind Kareem, Malone and Kobe. He won 6 championship titles and dozens of NBA MVP, scoring, etc. awards.

Financially, he got paid close to a 100 Million dollars from playing in his career, although he only made over $4 million twice in his career and became a billionaire in 2014 thanks, in large part, to his endorsements and business ventures.  He owns 7 restaurants, a car dealership and part of the Charlotte Hornets.

I’m getting these stats from an article of Forbes if you’d like to see more here; but, be warned that their autoplay video and ad are a pain in the ass.

Jordan took personal branding to a stratospheric level. He continues to make over $100 million a year, retired, from being a likable, recognizable personality and high performance personal brand.

He leveraged media and smart marketing with his athletic talents to create a brand with an unheard of 98% awareness level. His insights into the importance of personal branding were prescient.

Today, with the Internet medium, everyone is a personal brand and you do not need incredible athletic talent to take advantage of that.

Off the top of your head, can you think of anyone, with seemingly little talent, that leveraged media and smart marketing to improve their status and income?

Sure, of course you can!

The good news is that you as business owner or professional can do the same.

You probably won’t make $100 million next year or rack up a million twitter followers, but you can absolutely take your status and income to the next level and beyond.

Want to know how?

Download Rockstar Ignition and keep reading this blog where I’ll be revealing specifics for achieving next level income and status using leveraged media and smart marketing.