Press Release Marketing Strategy For Website Traffic

The best press release marketing strategy for generating website traffic is the one that targets and motivates your ideal prospects to take your desired action.

If you didn’t particularly like that answer, relax I’m going to explain.Press Release Marketing Strategy

I just read a post the other day by Ben Settle where he discusses the mistake the people who swipe his best converting opt-in page are making,

It turns out that his highest converting opt-in page converts the least amount of sales. Meaning, that the people who opt-in on this page don’t buy.

The copy appeals to them but doesn’t convert them into sales.

While Ben is pointing out the shortsightedness of thieves, my point is to emphasize the importance of targeting the right prospects; that will eventually convert into the highest amount of sales for you.

At MediaSm.art, my media and marketing boutique, we specialize in positioning. So, if you are looking to use press releases to generate traffic you would not want to purchase our signature, Authority News Release, offer.

Sure, you would generate traffic, and good traffic, but it would cost more than you would need to spend.

If all you want is traffic, I have a cheaper service where we write a press release that leverages SEO best practices to help generate search engine traffic as well as the traffic from the news sites.

You will also get more traffic on your website from improved ranking as a result of the links from the press release distribution websites.

When you generate search engine traffic, you are getting visitors who are searching for your products and services based off of your press release’s SEO’d keywords. These people are usually further along in their buying cycle; especially if you use keywords with buyer intent.

So, what is the best press release marketing strategy for traffic?

I hope you like this answer better…

The best press release marketing strategy for traffic, keeping in mind the caveats listed above, is to offer something that interests, helps and has high perceived value for free to your targeted prospects.

Now, that may sound like a lot of good, solid, basic, un sexy marketing advice (sexy if you like making money!).

It is, because that is what works…

Another option that would also work well, is to offer, again, to your targeted prospects, something engaging like a survey. Many have had success with this strategy and you would usually be collecting email addresses during the survey process as well.

Either way, after sign up, you should make an offer, and continue to make offers using best email marketing practices.

And ultimately, you’ll get more traffic – and buyers – from your press release marketing strategy.

My best advice now is to go check out my DFY Press Release plan; it’s the best press release for generating traffic.